7 Things You’ll Only Get if You’re From Minnesota

We move people to and from the Minnesota area all year-around and we never get tired of explaining to people that are new to the area, the things us locals just take for granted. Enjoy some of these quirky, funny and sentimental things that make Minnesota a place we are proud to call home.

  1. We always tell newbies to invest in roadside service.

  1. Another winter weather joke, if we don’t laugh we’ll cry.

  1. We are so desensitized, but wow look at those plows work (it’s beautiful).

  1. And, you’re making it with your Grandma’s famous recipe.


  1. It’s not the drugs that are the problem.

  1. Ya know you’re from MN, when you say “ya know.”


  1. I mean, who else has this? No one.




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