Best Places to Find a Home in St. Cloud

If you’ve accepted a job offer in St. Cloud, you may be ready to look for a home. Before you hire a realtor or a St. Cloud moving company, it may be worth doing a little research to get the lay-of-the-land. Here’s a list of top sites that will help you learn more about St. Cloud neighborhoods, home types for sale and prices – before you waste your time on a home tour trip.


Trulia is a great resource for you if you want some top-level information about the city. It offers a quick snapshot of the city’s features, schools, demographics, median home prices, market overview, crime rates and neighborhoods. Scroll toward the bottom of the page for recent listings and search the site for specifics around your home wish list. We love this site because it’s a visual way to really get to know the city and the neighborhoods that may be best for your family.

This site is similar to Trulia in that it offers a nice overview of the St. Cloud market, but it also offers a view at rental and homes for sale – in case you are debating the two options. You will also see some nice graphs outlining real estate market trends including median listing price, median days on market, and median listing price per square foot – which may help you to strategize how you’ll place an offer on a home that catches your eye.

Neighborhood Scout

Offering another snap shot of the St. Cloud market, it’s worth mentioning this site if you’re interested in viewing a map of “top appreciating neighborhoods in St. Cloud” – if you’re investment minded, you may give this data a second glance. There are also more data points on rental prices, crime and schools to give you even more information about the city.

After you sift through this information and make a decision on the next place you’d like to call home, we will be ready to help you make your move a reality. Give one of our move specialists a call we would be happy to help you make this next move the easiest one yet.



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