Fabulous Fall House Warming Ideas

If you have a moved planned this fall, we know it’s difficult to even imagine trying to host a party in between all of the chaos. But, one main reason why you might want to bite the bullet and host a party is because it’s a great way to get acclimated into your new neighborhood and you have the best excuse for reaching out – you’re new to the ‘hood. Here are some ideas for how to have a low maintenance, but fun party.

S’Mores Bar & BYOC

A lot of people panic when they think about people parading through their new home. Not to mention you aren’t READY for people to check out your home – so, here’s the solution, do an outdoor party. Have people just come around back and Bring-Your-Own-Chair (BYOC), so you don’t have to worry about furniture.

S’Mores bars, hamburgers or a dessert pitch-in is a low maintenance way to invite people over with less prep and clean up. Use what you have and try not to be concerned with going to buy new things.

Front Yard Friday

On one Friday night this Fall consider passing out flyers to your neighbors inviting them over for a meet and greet. Pull out some coolers for drinks, order pizza and get some games for the kids. It’s a quick and easy low-effort way to be social without much pre-planning.

Pumpkin Painting

Buy some paint, brushes and set-up a table outside. Invite families to come over with a pumpkin to paint. Serve apple cider and a caramel corn mix. Keep it simple and clean up easy by doing the craft outside. It will be a fun and easy way to meet your neighbors and also show off your new home.

With these fall party ideas, you’ll be on your way to getting connected and settled into your new home. Enjoy the season and make every effort to create social times that are low maintenance and effortless.



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