How to Write a Winning Offer Letter

Yes, offer letters are now a thing.

Usually in competitive markets, buyers are pairing their offers with a personal letter that tells more about their story. Personal letters are also used with a buyer needs to submit an unusual offer.  These letters can serve as a way for the buyer to give more context around their offer and hopefully win the seller over. But, how do you write an offer letter that breaks through the clutter in a competitive market? Here are some steps and tips.

Make an emotional connection

You may have to be more transparent than usual about your journey in this letter in order to connect with the seller.

Do your research

Learn all you can about the sellers during your time with their agent and while you’re in their home. Take notes of photographs, collections or hobbies. Reference areas you love in the house or how you plan on using spaces in the home in the future.

Be honest

Be transparent about why you had to come in lower than normal. It’s important for them to understand why you can or can’t offer list price.

Relate to the seller

Finding things in common is a great way to connect with the seller. You don’t want to go too over-board with this, as it could feel fake or forced but a few similarities can be a good way to set the tone.

Check out some of these templates of buyer offer letters to get a feel for format and content.

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