Realtors! Why Your Customers Need an In-Home Estimate

As your clients get ready for their upcoming move, it’s important that they get some good advice on how the moving quote process works. There are so many moving companies that are offering free quotes online, which seems easy and helpful in estimating budgets – but, there are some dangers in taking this approach with a less that reputable company. So, here’s a run down of why your customer should consider need to request an in-home estimate.

  1. You can ask questions: When someone comes to your home, you can ask questions and see how professional they are. You can ask how long they’ve been in business, if they’re ProMover certified and more questions about the specific quote that you’ll be receiving.

  2. Don’t get surprised: Some online estimates will include fine print that states that the quote is non-binding, meaning it can change on moving day. You will want to ask if the moving company can do a binding estimate, meaning the quote will not change on moving day.
  3. Get an Accurate Estimate: Online or over-the-phone estimates can only be so accurate because there isn’t someone there to visually see all that you’ll be moving. Things like attics, storage units, closets, garages and storage sheds, tend to be missed. When your movers get there on moving day, you will get ding for adding new pieces of furniture to the estimate.

The best way to get an in-home estimate is to call a reputable mover 6-8 weeks before your moving date in order to ensure you have time to select someone before their schedule fills up. In-home estimates should always be free and no-obligation to your clients. And, as always Red’s Transfer’s team of experts are ready to help make your next move an easy on for your clients.



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