Small Town in Minnesota is GIVING away Land

As your favorite St. Cloud and Brainerd mover – we love learning about new opportunities in the Minneapolis area! Whether you’re considering a second home or a move – there’s an exciting opportunity about two and a half hours south of our office in New Richland, MN.

The quaint town is giving away free land to people to commit to building a home on it within a year! With home prices increasing across America, this small town offer may be just the respite you need in order to retire or get off to a fresh start.

If you visit New Richland, you’ll first notice it’s small size and downtown area. At the center of town is the Red Leaf Café, which sits next to a historic movie theatre and a hardware store. Just down the road you can visit the town’s library or bank. There are about 100 small businesses in town, which is about one for every 12 citizens!

Residents comment on the community feel as the town boasts parades, fireworks and lakeside living in the summer (with St. Olaf Lake Park). The Richland public library also has lots of family programming that includes classes like video game creation.

If this all sounds good and dandy, here are few things to note about the free land opportunity before you sign on the dotted line:

  • The land is located in what’s being called the “Homestake Subdivision”
  • The land was donated to the city by a local farmer
  • You must commit to building a home within a year of moving to New Richland
  • The home must meet some specific requirements
  • The free land is a 86’ X 133’ plot (about a quarter of an acre)
  • 7 of the 27 lots have homes on them now

For more information on this free land program, you can visit New Richland’s website. And, as always – when you’re ready to make your move to the Minnesota area – let us be the first people you call to help make the next chapter of your life a reality.



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